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Planning your life is difficult but first you must find a place to live and these guys will definitely help you.
Andy E., Nashville, TN

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How to Find an Apartment That Matches your Taste

I am excited to try out one of those new culinary pseudo-classes that let you show up and prepare your own meals that are supposed to last you for about a month.

The only reason I have hesitated is I’m a bit of a picky eater. I don’t care for vegetables, and I also don’t care for seafood (an unpopular decision in this era of sushi, so I tell people I’m allergic).

Another words, I don’t want to show up expecting chicken and find out that half the menu is seafood. So, in essence, I am chicken to show up. Stop with the booing…that’s funny.

Well, apartment shopping is the exact same thing for me. I’m a bit chicken. I need to find an affordable place, but I want to make sure I end up in an apartment that I really like. I want it to match my tastes, my life. Basically, I want it to be perfect.

Not much in life is perfect, so how can I get close?

Tip 1: Think through the specifics
Think through your location: location to family, friends, work and nightlife. Who do I need to live by? Who do I see weekly? Can I stand to commute 40 minutes if it means I save $75 a month? Do I need to live downtown or will the suburbs suffice? Do I go out three times a week, or twice a month?

Think through your budget: financial planners say only 30% of your income should be spent on your housing costs. Not a big problem if you make $6,000 a month. A little bit more of a problem when you make $1,600 a month. What’s your realistic, total budget? And even though I may want a one-bedroom with a den, can I only afford an efficiency?

Think through your pet situation: I have a dog. He’s a miniature poodle. Would I be willing to part with Ziggy? Never. Can I afford to shell out $500 for a pet deposit. Never. Could I afford $250 if I saved up beforehand? Possibly. Think through if you plan on getting that bulldog you’ve always wanted. First, does the community you want to live in even accept pets? If so, how much will the deposit cost? You may need to save up, or bow out.

apartmentTip 2: Research your options
Now it’s time to compare. I like this catalog for a quick reference, but I also like to go online to look at virtual tours and compare amenities. At, I can fill out a personality profile that matches me to the apartments that are right. It even goes a step further to find out what else I like. Do I want a pool? Do I work out? You betcha. There’s a match out there and I want to see all the choices.

Tip 3: Visit your top choices and enlist the help of friends
Seeing is believing. I know that the product itself is terribly important to me. I have to visit to know it feels good to me when I drive in. I want lush landscaping. I want good lighting in the living room, and a pool with a nightlife around it. I want a clean apartment. I can only find out these details by visiting.

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